Imagine having more than enough for retirement.

Personalised Financial Solutions that provide clarity and confidence over how you can optimise your money and support your lifestyle, throughout the rest of your lives.

Our Goal

Smart Financial Planning.

Understand where you are. Believe in where you're going. Be confident in the decisions that'll get you there.


Our Values

Oak Four is a financial planning and investment consultancy firm based in the UK. Our company was founded on the belief that Financial Planning is in need of a reboot. People told us that other advice was too complex, that existing plans were too hazy and that historical results were too unpredictable. Oak Four was created to remedy this. We’ve put those customer pain points at the heart of what we do and designed our services, fee structure and investment methodology to enable customers to make financial decisions they truly understand and trust.

Working with us


Proven Process.

Our full service process spans 4 key areas of your financial life.


Evidence-based decisions

Evidence-based investment management and financial planning helps you stay the course, reach your most important objectives and pay less tax.


Real peace of mind.

Helping you to optimise your financial decisions which leads to better outcomes and a successful retirement. 

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