What are you
working towards?

Whatever you’re working for, we know it’s not money. We believe that money is simply the fuel that enables life to happen, so by understanding the life you want, we’re able to make a plan for your money that will get you there. Our core services span 4 key areas of financial fitness, so whether you’re just starting out, or looking to switch to a new financial adviser, we’ll be able to help.


Make a plan

Using face-to-face interviews and advanced forecasting software we’ll help you understand where your finances are right now, imagine where you want to be in the future, and co-develop a roadmap that will get you there.

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Manage tax

Throughout your financial journey we’ll actively manage your tax each year to minimise your outgoing costs. We’ll also put in place specific tax structures that will benefit you in the future and keep an eye on changing legislation so you don’t have to. 


Maximise returns,
minimise risk

To put it bluntly, there is a lot of BS when it comes to investing! Our philosophy is proven and simple; base every investment decision on peer-reviewed academic research, keep investment fees low and ensure that every client has a robust, diversified portfolio.  


Prepare for life's curveballs

No matter how secure you might think your circumstances are, there are certain ‘known, unknowns’ all of us will face. Whether it’s a dip in financial markets or a life changing health circumstance, we know that life can be uncertain. We help manage this uncertainty by ensuring that things like Wills and Trusts are in place, and that financial market wobbles are discussed and planned for.

Our payment plans

Take a look at our payment plans and see which is the best for you.



One off cost

Get financially fit

Our one-off fixed fee financial package is designed for people looking to get their entire financial house in order. It covers everything we believe is necessary to guarantee peace of mind and understanding around your family finances, ticking all the common financial boxes in one blended price. Typically we can complete this comprehensive service in under 3 months.


  • A financial plan built around your personal goals
  • Education savings plan for those with children
  • Retirement income planning and pensions advice
  • A 3-month intro to investing course to increase your knowledge and help you make better decisions
  • Comprehensive tax planning to maximise your ability to make what you currently have go further
  • Life insurance review
  • Informal face-to-face meetings with our Oak Four values at the heart
  • Help to establish Wills with other professionals
  • A 12-month list our recommended financial ‘must reads’ (including physical copies of each book)
  • A single point of contact at Oak Four


1% P.A

Capped at £8k

Make wealth work

Our retained financial planning and wealth management service is designed for people looking to build upon their existing financial journey. It includes in-depth advice, goal setting, and on-going management to help you realise the security, freedom, and confidence that your wealth can bring. Our holistic service is unique in the market both in terms of our approach and affordability.


  • A comprehensive financial plan which is regularly revisited in line with your personal objectives
  • Co-ordination with professional tax and estate advisers to ensure your entire financial house is in order
  • Pre and post-retirement support to ensure that you understand which options are open to you
  • Regular investment advice and management built from our proven multi-asset investing philosophy
  • Yearly tax advice to maximise your returns and adapt to an ever-evolving tax landscape
  • ‘Always on’ access to our team whenever you need it
  • Inclusion in our yearly client networking programme which includes knowledge sharing and social events
  • Our unique pricing guarantee priced at 1% of the assets managed subject to a minimum of £2000 per annum and maximum of £8000 per annum

Our philosophy

We make a plan

Your financial plan maps out a path to your most important objectives. It starts with an overview of your current financial situation, capturing all of your assets, debt, income and expenses. You’ll get specific recommendations on where to hold your assets, how much you need to be saving and what investments to hold in your portfolio. Focussing on your goals will then help you understand what you’ll need to do to prepare for these milestones. 

We avoid hunches.

We do not experiment with our clients’ money, and we do not invest based on a hunch. For most of our clients, the focus is capital preservation followed by growth, but each client has different needs and unique circumstances. We analyse all aspects of a client’s current financial situation and desired outcomes prior to selecting an appropriate portfolio.

We don't use gimmicks

Our investment committee focuses on cost-effective, after-tax results, recognising that the only performance that matters is the kind a client actually receives. We are not married to any gimmick, such as putting client money into complex or opaque products.

We don't limit client interactions.

Although our fees are lower than traditional providers for many of our clients, we do not restrict client interactions and we are always available to our clients via phone, email and web based conference calls.




Kevin has been an authorised financial adviser for over 10 years. Providing Oak Four clients with a methodical structure to consider all aspects of their financial planning needs, Kevin prides himself on articulating complex issues in a manner that makes sense.

Motivated by his desire to help people achieve the freedom to make different life choices, Kevin has a passion for financial coaching and providing clients with an extremely valuable perspective to give solutions for achieving their key goals.

Kevin is married with three children and enjoys reading and new technology. Kevin’s forward-thinking nature is also reflected in Oak Four’s desire to reduce its environmental impact.



With over 15 years financial services experience Andy established Oak Four alongside Kevin; both directors sharing the same vision of providing a clear, forward thinking and lifelong financial planning service.

Andy oversees the technical accuracy of the company's operations, ensuring that Oak Four consistently delivers on its promises and implements advice in a smooth and timely manner.

In his personal time Andy is a competitive cyclist and enjoys spending time with his young family.

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