Our values

Oak Four’s 4 core values enable us to deliver a truly differentiated experience. They dictate not only how we work, but bring shape to the type of services we offer and define the long lasting relationships we build with our customers. 

Make the complex simple

Our goal at Oak Four is to simplify and clearly communicate every aspect of personal finance. We consider our approach the antidote to some other advisers who use complexity and jargon as a sales tactic. Instead our belief is that the highest value we can deliver is to turn our knowledge into your personal understanding. Asking clients to simply ‘trust us’ is a failure of communication; instead, we want to enable you to make a personal decision from a place of total clarity and confidence. Ultimately, we never want you to feel your question is stupid, or to worry that our answers will be complex.

What our customers say

“Kevin was very good at articulating complex and complicated issues in a way that makes sense to us.”

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Listen more, talk less

It was Stephen Covey that said ‘“most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply." We believe that this cuts to the core of our entire company philosophy and are convinced that our business will be strongest if we truly understand your life goals. Our agenda for every meeting is to get YOU talking. There’s no scripted pitch from our side, just plenty of friendly questions to help us tease out what really matters to you. Put simply, our goal is that by the end of a meeting your priorities can become ours. 

Put people first

This might sound a bit obvious, but in practice this principle really distinguishes us from the rest. Living with a ‘people first’ mentality means that our profits have to come second; we will only ever recommend the solution that is right for you and have radically redesigned our fee structure to reflect this intent. Secondly, our ‘people first’ approach means giving away our knowledge, not exploiting it. As evidence, we always ensure that even in the scenario where a person’s situation means they aren’t ready to become an Oak Four client yet, they still leave our conversation feeling valued and informed on their next financial step.

What our customers say

“Kevin has taken the time to get to know our family. This not only makes it easier to discuss issues or ideas but also makes Kevin's advice even more tailored and appropriate to our needs.”

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Embrace the future

We believe that although no one has a crystal ball, we can put science and systems together to help our clients chase down a future that they design. We want to help clients convert intangible hopes and dreams in to very specific and achievable future goals. Similarly, we’re realists when it comes to the future of our own sector, and know that things are changing fast. That’s why when it comes to technology we strongly believe it will improve financial planning, but can never replace real relationships. Our goal is to put technology to work where it counts, but to never lose the value of face to face meetings or being able to pick up the phone.

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